Broken GNOME Menu

Hi! I have a quad-booting system (suse,debian,fedora,mandriva) and a /home partition I tried to use for all of them. I normally run the FC4 part, but with the new release of mandriva 2006, I tried it. Now that I changed back, my menu is totally messed up. I deleted ~/.local, and now I have no applicaitions menu!!! The Places and Desktop menu are fixed, but applications is just 'run application'. I made a test user on my system, and his menu is fine. I deleted all of the /tmp/*steven* stuff and ~/.gconf* and most of ~/.gnome2 (all except rhythmbox and panel2.d). I have tried rebooting, but still no menu. I have had a similar problem with gnome 2.6 a long time ago, and I can't remember how to fix this. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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