gnome 2.12 problems

I've built gnome 2.12 from sources basically following the Linux from Scratch directions.

Most of Gnome 2.12 applications and so forth seem to work, however I can only get the generic icons on the desktop and in nautilus. When I type "gnome-theme-manager" I get "The default schemas could not be found on your system." I have checked for the schemas and gconf and AFAICT they are all right. I have poked around in the source code and documentation a little and can not see anything obviously wrong with the way I have gnome setup. I have also checked my XDG_DATA_DIRS environment variable and it seems right too. I have deleted all gnome related configuration files in my home directory that I know of, and tried running Gnome as both root user and myself. If I type "gnome-control-center" I get either "application has quit unexpectedly" or a window with the title "Desktop Preferences" but it is blank. I am at my wits end as to where to look. I am trying running some of the programs through gdb looking for a clue. Any suggestions other than "use ubunto, or ..<someones favorite distro> would be appreciated.

I have gnome installed in /usr/local/gnome212. I used gcc 4.0.2, and linux kernel


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