This is a question, and i dont know where to post it, and end up posting in 3 lists. Apologies for any inconvenience.

I've developed a small application using gtkmm (2.8.0). the application runs fine, but the appearance is some what bothering me.
Gnome-2.12 says, the default theme for gnome is clearlooks.

when i run a different desktop (say kde, or fvwm) my application will not use the clearlooks theme. It uses default gtk theme. or whatever.

But when i start a gnome application, say gnome-font-properties for example, then my application starts using that theme. So i was forced to start the dummy gnome application, every time i dont use the gnome-desktop. Is it the expected behaviour, or am i missing some thing here.

If i deploy my application using gtk, the end user will not be able to use the clearlooks theme, if he/she does not have gnome-2.12 running. Don't you think this is a problem? Clearlooks is a great theme, and i want to use it always.

Thx in advance,

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