Changing file action

I'm trying to get Nautilius to open PDF files with xpdf, not gPDF.

According to the Gnome 2.8 Desktop User Guide, section 7.5.1, I should open a Nautilius pane and select any .pdf file, then File - Open With - Other Application. Then I'm supposed to select the desired application from a table of applications, and then select the Modify button.

The only problem is, there is no table of applications, and there is no Modify button.

Even so, the wording the Other Application dialog suggests that if I select another application, that choiec will become permanent. It doesn't. If I enter "xpdf" in the dialog, the file is opened with xpdf - but the next time I click on a .pdf file, it is opened with gPDF. No permanent change is made.

Am I missing something?

Jack Dodds

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