Re: Gnome 2.10 Build Order and Strategy

but my menu is empty, the gnome-control-center main windows shows
nothing (nothing means nothing at all), neither desktop properties
appear when i rick click the desktop and select it.

I sympathize with you. I have had troubles getting menus to work too when compiling Gnome from sources. When people answer to the effect: Why download from sources and compile? Just get the binaries...blah. I just want to say, If I wanted to install the binaries, I WOULD. I install from sources because: a) I want to learn about compiling sources and, b) I want to install in a non-standard location.

One thing that I have found (probably by grep-ing though sources) is that the environment variables XDG_DATA_DIRS, and XDG_DATA_HOME seem to be important. XDG_DATA_DIRS should be set to a PATH-like statement. For example mine is set to: /usr/local/gnome-unstable/share:/drives/sg3/kde/kde3/share:/usr/share:/usr/local/share, XDG_DATA_HOME wants to point to a writable area to write a database. If it is unset Gnome will use your home directory.

One cool thing is all the KDE apps and apps in /usr/share, etc., show up in the Gnome menus, at least on my system.

It seems the menus depend on the "share-mime-info" programs. There may be some other dependencies to get the menus working but setting the above variables was critical for me.

In older versions of Gnome the pointer to the Gnome share directory was hard-coded. If you didn't happen to install into one of the hard coded locations i.e. "/usr/share", Gnome would act buggy on many programs. For the menus and help system to work properly Gnome must know where the mime-info directory is.


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