Browsing windows networks in Nautilus

I have one project where the customer is migrating from Windows XP to Linux . The main requirement for them is to access network shares as they are accessing network shares in XP . In XP , a domain user  can browse the network  and he can go into any computer which is part of the domain . The user no needs to provide user name and password to access network shares in XP ( provided by appropriate  permissions ) . So, the customer is expecting same thing from Linux.
In Nautilus , whenever i am accessing a windows share , i need to provide user name and password . Nautilus has a keyring feature , but it works per share level  and this solution is not acceptable for my customer .
I joined Linux to their domain , but still the problem exists . Please any body can tell me how we can solve the problem in Gnome .  Actually , this is the common requirement for all customers who are migrating from Windows to Linux .

shashi kanth
Technical Support Engineer
Onward Novell

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