RE: 2.10 Release Notes & Install instructions

Hi! I compiled gnome 2.10 recently, and it was the first version of
gnome that I have even tried compiling. I looked at previous release
notes (2.4,2.6,2.8) and saw that they had an install order for each of
the packages. Why didn't they do that for 2.10????? I don't want to use

It's somewhere on the website. I think it is basically the same as the 2.6 order as you seem to have discovered, though there are things missing.

I don't use any of the build scripts either myself, though I have written some helper scripts for myself.

Compiling and installing GNOME is definately not as easy as KDE.

GARNOME or jhbuild, I just wanted to build it myself. Having that order
SOMEWHERE would have made it A LOT easier. Could they maybe at least put
the install order in the 2.12 release notes? Thanks!

It's the same as any complicated Linux application. Run configure, see what it complains is missing, and then go try and find the missing library and install....lather, rinse, repeat.


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