Re: Problems after upgrade to Debian sarge

"Lawrence G. Hunsicker" <lhunsicker mchsi com> writes:

> I have just upgraded to Debian sarge, in the process of which Gnome
> seems also to have been upgraded.

Hm, from old woody? Didn't it have GNOME 1.4?

> Can anyone either tell me what I have to do to permit my changes to
> become permanent, or send me a pointer to the appropriate instructions?

I can think of two things you could try:

 a) install the gnome-core metapackage (aptitude install gnome-core)
    if it is not already installed - this ensures you have all
    necessary components

 b) log in with at the console instead of GDM and move your old .g*
    directories into a temporary directory, then try logging in with
    GDM and see if it helps 

The Debian GNOME team might be interested in a bug report and your
config files it they are causing the problems.
Ole Laursen

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