Re: bug day!

Wow. I'm so out of practice I forgot to include details like 'where'
and 'when' :)

where: #bugs

thursday, july 21st, 8am EST->7pm EST (or longer if another bugmaster
can show up)

That is 1200GMT->2300GMT, for the rest of the world :)

Hope to see people there-

On 7/20/05, Luis Villa <luis villa gmail com> wrote:
> Woot.
> It is that time of the week^Wmonth^Wyear where we gather on IRC and
> take a hack at bugzilla in order to help make the next GNOME release
> higher quality. It's obviously been a while since we had these
> regularly (though there was a small one last week) and they are needed
> :)
> So, some information for those who haven't heard of our bug days:
> What is this thing you call 'bug day'?
> ==========================
> Bug day is a day we get together on IRC, find bugs, and clean bugzilla
> so that developers can get more work done by focusing on bugs that
> matter instead of duplicates, unconfirmable bugs, and things that
> they've already closed.
> Who can help at a bug day?
> ====================
> Virtually anyone. Bug day can be for the very timid, the very quiet,
> or the very persistent.
> You do need:
> * decent ability to read English
> * a user-level knowledge of GNOME
> * 30 or so minutes of the day (the first time, after that you can do it
> in very small chunks.)
> You don't need:
> * any programming ability
> * any prior experience with QA
> * a deep understanding of GNOME.
> On the other hand, if you do have programming ability, it's also a great
> way to get involved- after a few bug days, you can figure out what needs
> help in gnome quickly and apply your talents there.
> What will we focus on?
> ================
> Focus this week will be on unconfirmed bugs- reading them, marking
> them NEEDINFO if needed, confirming them if they are still in a newer
> release, finding duplicates, etc. Easy and fun.
> Where can I get more information?
> =========================
> Bug days have a wiki page now:

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