gnome 2.8 window list on dual monitor setup broken?

I'm running dual monitor with xinerama, xorg 6.8.0-r3, gnome 2.8.1-r1,
AMD64. Windows on the 2nd monitor do not show up on the window list on
the panel on the primary display. As a lark, I tried creating another
panel on the 2nd monitor, and added a window list to that. Windows on
that monitor show up in the window list on that monitor. If I slide the
window over to the first monitor, I can see the button for the window
jump from the panel in the 2nd monitor to the panel in the first
monitor. If I move the window back to the second monitor, the button
jumps back to the panel on that monitor.

This didn't happen in 2.6, if I'm remembering correctly. Was this an
intentional design change, is this a bug, or have I messed something up?
Everything else seems to be working properly. Thanks.

Guy Rouillier

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