Re: Some imperfections (a bit long)

Bahram Alinezhad <alineziad yahoo com> writes:

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> "Ole Laursen" (olau hardworking dk)
> wrote:
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> They do remember their size. They don't remember
> maximisations though.
> I don't know whether this is a bug or not. You could
> try reporting it on under nautilus.
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> In gnome 2.4 it was correct (for maximize too)!
> It seems like a bug; But I'm not sure for fedora or
> gnome itself.

Well, if you report it, then you'll find out, I guess.

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> But maximising windows is really a bad Windows habit,
> IMHO. X is not intended to be used that way.
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> Maximizing isn't a "bad Windows habit"; In Windows, nothing suggest
> you doing so; Rather, it is *my* bad habit! I prefer programs which
> are showing something (like file-browsers, web-browsers, designing
> programs, text editors,...) be on their maximum sizes. Certainly, It
> is not my preference with programs like music-players, dialog-boxes,
> calculator,...

I was just trying to suggest that there are alternative ways of using
a windowing system. When you maximise windows they become too wide
horisontally which makes it harder to read the text. Plus you hide all
the windows below the maximised window.

The reason I called it a bad Windows habit is that lots of people with
a Windows background maximise their windows. I see it all the time. I
used to do the same myself when I started with Gnome, but changed my
habit after watching my older brother use fvwm2 with large virtual
desktops (he had been using Unix for a couple of years).

It is also an underlying trend I've observed other the years - many
Windows applications are designed to work well with a maximised window
whereas many X applications are not. If you go back a few years,
many window manager themes didn't even had a maximise button.

It's of course your own choice, but try avoid maximising everything
for a week and I think you will find your environment much more neat.

Then perhaps you won't,

PS: Your quotation style is a bit confusing.

Ole Laursen

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