Re: Setting default permissions under gnome

To reply to my own question (in case someone else wants to know):

(And also to invite comments on pitfalls of this approach from more knowledgeable users than myself!)

In file: /etc/gdm/Xsession

just after the section commented:
# initialize variables for use by all session scripts

As root, I added the line:
umask 0027

NOW, e.g., if under my own (non-root) user id I create a new file with Abiword, it has permissions rw-r-----.

So, users can only read my files if they are members of my group.

Jack Dodds wrote:

I'm using Debian Sarge.

At present, while using Gnome, applications typically create files with permissions rw-r--r--.

I want to change this so that files are craeted with permissions rw-r-----.

That is, I want umask to be 0027, not 0022.

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