Re: GGV: unable to execute print command

On Wed, 2005-01-05 at 11:10 +0100, Erik Romijn wrote:
> Hello,

> I am using Gnome Ghostview 2.8.0 and the cups printing system. Printing 
> works fine from most applications, however ggv states "unable to execute 
> print command". This happens immediatly after clicking the print option 
> in the file menu, no other dialogs are shown.
GGV does not really use the gnome print system: since postscript files
are already, well, directly printable stuff, it only sends them to the
printer via the printer server: it uses lpr for this. you should install
the Cups BSD printing compatibility module (cupsys-bsd or something like
that, depending on which distro you use) and then point the printing
command in the ggv preferences at the lpr executable (if it does not
point at the right location already).

which reminds me: perhaps I should use libgnomecups for printing...



email: jaka gnu org

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