Re: How to use gksu to safely run a non-open-source application?

It might be related to the .Xauthority file pointed to the XAUTHORITY
environment variable.  kdesu, for example, and other su programs in most
linux platforms at least, automatically modify the env var to point to
the right place.  Basically, an Xlib application needs to read that file
's contents to submit the MIT cookie to the server in order to
authenticate.  If they cannot, they of course cannot connect to the
servr as well.

for post-connection security controls,m check the SECURITY extension.

El mar, 28-12-2004 a las 07:52 -0500, Jack Dodds escribió:
> Gustavo Noronha Silva wrote:
> >There is currently no safe way I know about to have gksudo do the magic
> >for X authentication for users other than root.
> >
> For me, gksu does this ok but gksudo does not.
> I wonder how gksu is doing it?
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