2 new strange behaviors on Sun Solaris GNOME 2.0 desktop

Platform: SPARC Solaris 8 with Sun's Solaris GNOME 2.0 desktop.

Today, I noticed two new 'behaviors' (aka what I think of
as bugs) while training users to use the GNOME desktop.

The first that appeared was a user who had double clicked on
the trash can on the metacity desktop.  While normally
this would open up a Nautilus window, what happened was a bit
more bizarre - more than several dozen of the Nautilus windows opened.
He didn't click that many times on the icon - these windows just
kept opening over and over again.  In fact, they were still opening
when finally, I just had him log off the system.

The second behavior happened to the same user, along with one
other.  They had a Create Launcher dialog widget open. When
they selected the icon selection button, it would open.  However,
they found that the directory 'history' function did not work - normally
when one types in a directory, that directory becomes a part of the
user's desktop, and they don't need to type it in again.  However,
today, these two users would type in directories but the entry would not
remember them.

Do either of these behaviors sound familar to anyone?
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