Re: Keyboard shortcut to volume control?

This is the way my volume button on my keyboard used to work... But now I can't
adjust the volume with my volume buttons, the window appears but no change in my
volume level....


Inguva Rajasekhar wrote:
> in my case, i have assigned the shortcuts Ctrl+u to increase volume
> and Ctrl+s to decrease volume.
> if i press Ctrl+u once, the window appears & disappears immediately.
> To see the "progress" of volume increase i had to keep Ctrl+u pressed
> continuously until the progress bar moved to my required level.
> i hope i got your question right. Other way of using the keyboard to
> reduce the
> volume would be:
> - Press Ctrl+Alt+Tab and choose Top Panel to focus
> - Use arrow keys to shift focus to the volume control applet
> - Press SPACE for the slider bar
> - Use arrow keys to increase/decrease volume.
> Regards,
> Raj

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