request for spec files

Question and request, sort of (mainly for gnome-packaging-list, but if
new blood from cc'd lists want to join in, hey, that would be

How did you guys/gals keep spec files in the past when gpp was more
active? Were they ever in CVS?

In a nutshell, i'd like to hack jhbuild to build tarballs and rpms,
but that would require pulling spec files for each tarball from a
predictable location in CVS.

It would also require someone with knowledge/experience in writing
spec files to volunteer to write up-to-date spec files for at least
some small number of modules, and get them in CVS, so that I could
test them, and ideally volunteer to help me with problems as they crop

Anyway, this is not a project I could start on for at least a week,
probably more, but if someone is interested and wants to start working
on some spec files, and has thoughts about how best to keep them in
CVS, some discussion now would be great.


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