Re: how to copy graphics from PDF to a file

On 12/29/05, David Coldrick <coldrick gmail com> wrote:
> Works fine for me. There's a screwy - and very annoying - thing in Linux
> whereby the contents of the clipboard are not kept if you exit the
> application you copied them from, so Acrobat has to still be running when
> you do the paste. Is that your problem?

No, copying text from acrobat works fine, but it is with
images I am having problems with. After acrobat sends the image
selected to the clipboard (so it says), I can't find a way to paste that
image to any file. IIRC, when I used kubuntu (Hoary), I could select
an image in a pdf file from KPDF. Then I could right click on an empty
space in konqueror (file manager mode), and paste the selection as a
.png file.

Is there anything similar I can do from GNOME?


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