Gnome broken because of gnome-panel

I'd have used gnome as my window manager for some time, and it have performed well, but today it seems like gnome-panel have some trouble. When I'd tries to start a session, a error box popping up says: "Another panel is already opened, exiting". Either the upper nor the lower menu bar appears on the desktop. I'd think it is the gnome-panel, because the same message popping up when I'd starting gnome-panel from a terminal. It seems to me that some lock file is left on the system, as it should have been removed, and now preventing the panel to start. Do somebody have any ide of how to solve this?

Hope somebody is able to get Gnome up and running again, because it's useless without the menus, and I'd have to use the good old twm in the meantime.

The platform Gnome is running on is an NetBSD2.0.2 on a  i686 machine

Thanks in advance
Merry Xmas
Sigmund Skjelnes

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