Re: Window List Confused About Sizes

On Wed, Dec 07, 2005 at 06:35:59AM -0800, Todd Walton wrote:
> Why oh why does the window list applet on the task bar keep changing
> the size of the boxes it lists to indicate which apps are open?

That is a hard to fix bug.

> First, can somebody clue me in on the terminology here?  We have the
> task bar, at the bottom of the screen by default.  I've got a "show

Panel or window list.

> desktop" button on the far left, and a "workspace switcher" on the far
> right.  In between I have a "window list" area.  The window list area
> shows rectangular boxes that represent all the windows open (in this
> "workspace").  What do I call those rectangular representations?


> How do I make it stop?  I probably don't care about whatever rationale
> was put into making it do this, if there was one.  I just want my
> window buttons to stay the same size all the time.

There is an open gnome-panel or libwnck bug about it. If you know C I
suggest to fix it. Otherwise changing the minimum and maximum size of
the window list seems to help (IIRC increase the numbers).


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