Trouble with missing main menu items

Hi there, all.

I've been using Gnome for quite some time, and currently run 2.10.1 on a Gentoo box.

Last night, I unmerged mplayer, then rebooted, logged back in, and took a desktop screenshot to show a pal the changes I'd made, which was under the "Desktop" heading in the custom menu bar. After saving the .png, I explored the other two headings on the menu bar (Places and Applications) and noticed that almost everything was missing under Applications except "Run Application". Places doesn't seem to be missing anything, although nothing appears in the "Recent Documents" section. I have no clue what to remerge, or what to do to repair this. As it is, I have no clue how this happened to begin with, since unmerging mplayer also unmerged bio2jack and win32codecs, both of which I remerged anyway.

Any ideas here? I'm totally stuck. Thanks in advance for any and all help on this matter.


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