Re: Slide show available in contextual menu of an image file.

Hello Sylvain,

On 4/27/05, Sylvain Bertrand <sylvain bertrand gmail com> wrote:

> I got almost all the time this request
> since they all have digital cameras:
>   - They would like to start a slide show of all the images of a
> folder starting from the image which contextual menu was used to do
> so. Indeed, for *really* basic users "the distance" between a image in
> a folder (usually a folder containing several digital camera pictures)
> and the gthumb slide show is too big (*sik*).
> (I'm thinking about a contextual menu item triggered by a kind of
> wildcard match on the file MIME type. If it does exists... should be
> defaulted in the desktop...).

Could you visualize it a bit more?  

A drawing / image would be great.

Artificial Information #1:
The data transmission speed / v / between two brothers who are
talking on the Netcom GSM network is equal to the distance / s / 
between the brothers multiplied by duration / t / of the phone call.

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