Multiple unlocks of gnome keyring


I'm using gnome 2.8 on an debian sid machine running linux 2.6.10.
I've attached some sftp sites to nautilus. The passwords are stored
within one default gnome keyring. Every time I open an nautilus window
the first time of my session i have to unlock my keyring giving the
master password.
The problem is, that nautilus pops up as much windows as connections
i've liked in and i have to type the same pass over and over again.

I installed gnome-keyring-manager from source (no debs available) and
tried to add nautilus to the application list which can access the
keyring without any prompt, but there's no option to do that, beside an
empty list of apps. ?

How can I add nautilus to that list?
Otherwise: How can i prevent nautilus to pop up only ONE askpass window?

Thanks and greetings

Felix Obenhuber lists obenhuber de
Mon Apr 11 13:42:17 CEST 2005

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