really strange launcher problem

Platform SPARC Solaris 8 and Sun's GNOME distribution.

A user asked for help creating a launcher.

At first, things seemed simple enough.  He wanted to start a
command called run1.

So, I try to do it, but get nothing output.
Then I try to add a

xterm -e /path/to/run1

and that doesn't work.

I check and the permissions were right.

So I looked at run1.  The first thing I notice was that there
was no #! line.  So I made a copy and added it.

Then I notice that the shell starts up a oracle form in the background.
I changed that to run in the foreground.

Now things seem to start up okay.  However, it does mean the user is
stuck with the extra process.  If the xterm is closed, the oracle
form dies with a core dump.

Anyone see similar behavior and perhaps worked out some sort of
work around?
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