Gnome 2.10

Hello! My name is Pavel Porubov! I am from Russia, so sorry about my English! Yesturday I downloaded Gnome 2.10 LiveCD and so I have some words to say to Gnome Development Teem.

I realy like some new things in it (the last version of Gnome I' seen is 2.6).
1). New sound mixer is very good.
2). The comand "Clear Recent Documents" in menu.
3). Help tool is very good.
4). I general all programes that Gnome 2.10 includes became better but Gnome Calculator was better in Gnome 2.6.

Some things I dislike in Gnome 2.10.
1). In menu bar menu "Places" is not nessesery. I think that all that links should only be in "Nautilus". Gnome ever was very useful and good desktop where there was only things that are realy nessesery to use. 2). The menu "Add to Panel" also was better in Gnome 2.6. I think it is not right to make it as a single application.

I'd like to tell you that first of all the next step has to be an upgrading of Gnome Display Menager (not grafical). In general Gnome DE is better then others but it's sad that in KDE display menager is better then in Gnome. The grafical DM is very good!

Good luck to all Gnome Development Teem. I hope you will answer me. :-)

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