Running programs at Gnome startup conflicts with splash image

Hi all,

I want to use the Applications / Desktop Preferences / Advanced / Sessions dialog box (the Startup Programs section) to run GKrellM when I login into Gnome. I put GKrellM on this list with an order of 50 (it is the only program on the list). When I login, the splash image doesn't dissapear as usual, but it stays on the screen until I click it or I close GKrellM. I tried other programs, even Bash scripts, with the same result - the splash image doesn't dissapear. It of course does dissapear when the list of the programs to be run at startup is empty.

I'm using Gnome 2.6.2 from Debian unstable. Is this a bug or normal behavior? Is there a way to run programs at startup (using the aforementioned dialog box) but having the splash image dissapear after login?

Thank you for help.


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