Re: [gnome-panel] Dropping files on panel launcher doesn't work as expected

On Tue, 2004-08-31 at 07:14 +0000, Daniel Poersch wrote:
> I recently noticed that gnome-panel does not behave as I expected it,
> when dropping files from nautilus on an application launcher. 
> At the moment (got Gnome 2.6.2) the application starts, but without 
> recognising the dropped files. What I would expect is:
> exec <program> "$@"
> That's the way it works with Desktop launchers and I think that's definitly 
> the way it should work with panel launchers. Additionally it is very confusing
> if you drop files on an launcher, the launcher starts, but ignore your files.
> Just wanted a comment on this before I file a bug.

Go ahead, file a (show-stopper) bug. I don't know why this isn't noticed
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