Re: upgrade gnome

On Tue, 30 Mar 2004, may fair wrote:

> I am currently running Redhat 9.0 on my comp. The system is fully updated;
> yet I do not know how to further upgrade Gnome... Is there a handy way of
> upgrading Gnome rather than downloading every single package one by one??  has their Red Carpet updater.  You can upgrade Gnome
with Red Carpet to "Ximian Desktop 2" (Gnome 2.2 I believe).

There is a command line version of Red Carpet called "rug".

Red Carpet is a layer over RPM that automatically handles dependencies and 
checks signatures, downloading all packages needed for the one you want.
It is like apt-rpm of debian fame - but is implemented via a central
repository at Ximian.  The "channel" feature lets up update all
packages in a channel - e.g. xd2, Ximian Desktop 2, to upgrade Gnome.

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