Re: configuring metacity w/out gnome on RHEL 3

On Wed, 2004-06-16 at 14:44, Luke Meyer wrote:

> The problem is that if the user clicks the minimize icon (by accident or
> otherwise), the window goes away and cannot be retrieved.  I've actually

You can remove the minimize, maximize, and/or close buttons by editing
the Metacity configuration in GConf.  key

> tried this on Fedora Core 1 and there you can use Alt-Tab to retrieve
> your window, but not with RHEL 3 Desktop.  No key combinations seem to
> work except Ctrl-Alt-Backspace :-)  How do I activate Alt-Tab -- and
> also, how do I configure metacity to show a background image (which
> would tell them to use Alt-Tab)?  Configuration seems to work only

Metacity doesn't do background images.  Metacity is a window manager,
not a desktop manager.  ;-)  You can use a tool like xsetroot (in your
xinitrc/xclients script) to set a static background image.

> with gnome.
> I've googled around quite a bit looking for this, but no one is doing
> quite the same thing with metacity as far as I can tell.  Any advice
> would be appreciated.

In all honesty, Metacity may not be the best WM for your needs.  It
handles *only* the management of windows, and it is intended to be used
as part of a complete desktop environment.  You might be able to find a
different WM that is specialized for your type of needs.

> RHEL 3 Desktop runs with gnome-desktop-2.2.2-1 and metacity-2.4.55-6.
> -Luke
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