Solaris GNOME / metacity and desktop space management

We've been working with a small number of our user population to
get some experience using the Solaris 2.8 GNOME distribution
(with the latest devilspie).

One of the peculiar problems we have found is that users will
occasionally report that they have windows which can not be moved
into the edges of their screen.

I ran into this yet again yesterday.  A user had a small Perl/Tk
application this time (in the past, netscape, dtmail, and various
gnome applications like calculator, etc. have displayed the
same problems).

The user had 2 displays.  When he started the application on monitor
:0.0 , the application could be moved anywhere on the desktop.
When he started the application on monitor :0.1 however, the
application would not move into the right 2 inches of the screen.
Other applications, however, would move into that space just fine.

Other users, using the same application, have no such problems - so
it isn't an application specific problem.  And the application is new,
so it isn't old resources, etc.

Has anyone else seen such behaviors?
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