Re: desktop-rating

On Sun, 2004-06-06 at 02:10 -0700, Bahram Alinezhad wrote:
> Please see the comarision table.
> I compared items from aspects that are most important
> in my opinion.
> If someone wants to reply me, return an answer like
> below in each case:
> Will any developer read these messages? Or we are
> wasting our times?!


A developer might well read your messages, but I'm not sure how you
think they should respond to them. How can the developer tell you an
issue is resolved when you don't really raise any issues as such, just a
personal rating of how favourably you view the means of accomplishing a
particular task.

It would be much more useful if you were to pin down the difficulties
you see in, for example, the ease of making a shortcut/symlink - then,
you can file a bug in explaining how and why the task
is difficult, and which features the other desktops have which make it
easier. That way, the bug is there for others to comment on, and will
remain open until the developer resolves it or decides they can't/won't
resolve it. Either way, you will find out.


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