GNOME customization questions

I've had some users ask me to research the following questions:

1. is there a way that a system coordinator could set up site
specific defaults for gnome to have
a set of applets, keyboard shortcuts, etc. that
any new user of gnome would start with?

2. Is there a user tool that comes with gnome for modifying
widget themes without having to program code?

3. Is there a way to get the Sun SPARC GNOME 2.0 cd player applet
to recognize a CD in the sun cd drive?

4. Is there a way to get the gnome calculator to do RPN type
calculations rather than algebraic ?

5. Has subsequent GNOME releases improved the GNOME/Metacity
handling of dual monitors?  With this older version, there are numerous
inconsistencies that drive users crazy - some actions
are monitor specific - like keyboard shortcuts, creation of
applets, which is fine, while others impact both monitors
even though they shouldn't - such as creating a launcher on the
desktop creates the same launcher on both - and deleting one deletes
both, etc.
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