Re: Multiple monitors with different virtual desktops

Actually, I'm trying to be able to view different
virtual desktops on different monitors.  For example,
if Metacity has four virtual desktops and I have two
monitors, it would be nice if I could control those
monitors to view any two virtual desktops.

Also, this would be with only one user, not two.  

- Edmund

--- dsr tao merseine nu wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 08, 2004 at 01:27:33PM -0700, Edmund L.
> Wong wrote:
> > Does anyone know whether Gnome/Metacity supports
> > having one X session with multiple virtual
> desktops
> > and multiple monitors, where each monitor views a
> > different virtual desktop?  I can get the standard
> > multi-headed mode (different X sessions in each
> > monitor) and TwinView/Xinerama mode working (one
> huge
> > physical desktop); what I'm trying to do is
> multiple
> > physical desktops mapped to multiple virtual
> desktops.
> This sounds like you want the ability to have
> user1's X on
> screen1, and user2's X on screen2. In order to do
> this, you
> run two copies of X, each configured to see just one
> screen (and
> video adapter, etc)
> -dsr-

Edmund L. Wong
ewong alumni cmu edu

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