Re: Disable screensaver

Well, yes. The thing is, to remove xscreensaver you also have to remove control-center and that makes Gnome kinda mad at login :-( Maybe I need to try breaking the dependencey, huh?

On 1/8/2004 2:37 PM, uws wrote:
På Thu, Jan 08, 2004 at 11:56:13AM -0500, Janyne Kizer skrev:

How can I disable the screensaver systemwide (on a multiuser setup)?

Have you tried uninstalling xscreensaver or replacing the binary (copy
/bin/false for instance). I think it's worth a try...

  mvrgr, Wouter


Janyne Kizer
Systems Programmer Administrator
NC State University, College of Agriculture & Life Sciences
Extension Information Technology

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