Re: Cannot get back into GNOME


Thanks for the reply.

have you an entry like this in /etc/X11/XF86Config
checki it matches, if it exists

I have subsequently found out/determined that the warning thrown up by the driver isn't an issue. So I am still at the stage now where I cannot get GNOME to execute.

I can get into gdm no problem. Select GNOME session, enter username and password. Then it goes to a window with the title "Session Menu" which has "Default" and "Failsafe" as the two possible selections, then a couple of buttons along the bottom. No matter what you do from there I end up with a grey/blue background, mouse pointer and a 2x2 box in the upper left hand corner with the selections "Client List", "Session Log", "Checkpoint" and "Shutdown".

Have been through the configuration documentation on gdm and can't find anything that looks "out of place" to me.

I have also tried to reinstall GNOME from the Redhat 9.0 installation disks and that made no difference.

Any ideas on what the problem is here? Any at all? I would "love" to be able to actually do some work now ;-(

Catch ya,

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