Re: How to use gksu to safely run a non-open-source application?

> Problem is, some family members want to play streaming audio that is in 
> a closed-source RealAudio format.
> Nothing personal against Real Networks, but as a matter of principle, I 
> do not want software that is not open source (i.e. the RealPlayer codec) 
> having access to my files or theirs.  I don't know what the software is 
> doing, and I feel that paranoia is a reasonable attitude.
> My solution is to create a "non-secure" user called realplay, in a group 
> called realplay.  This user is treated as hostile, and is not given 
> access to any files of any other user. RealPlayer is installed in 
> realplay's home directory.

Well, why use realplay?
Try mplayer ( that's open-source...
You need the realplayer-codec for it to play the stream, but you can get
the needed codec from their page.


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