Evo 2.0.2 and gnome integration problem

I have evolution 2.0.2 and gnome Desktop 2.8. Evolution is "integrated"
into gnomes panels "clock" so if I add a event in the calender in
Evolution, then that day is in BOLD on the Gnome Clock calender (the one
that appears when you click on it). 

Now, here's the program 

Imagine you add a event for date "X". On the gnome clock X is now bold,
clicking on this date reveals the title of the event that was entered
using evolution. X+1 is not bold (assuming no event is entered), yet
clicking on X+1 shows X's event!!! So if my mates birthday is on the
15th of jan, it says so for the 16th as well, but is not bold unless
there's an event on the 16th as well in which case both are showing. 

This is annoying and misleading. 
Anyone noticed it? 

I've tested on a brand new user, same effect


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