Re: metacity keyboard shortcut question

Larry W. Virden <lvirden <at>> writes:

> As I have mentioned in other messages, I'm coordinating the
> move of 500 or so users of  OpenWindows to Sun GNOME.
> A user asked today how to define keyboard keys that would
> move directly to a specific application and give it focus.
> For instance, he might want to assign the meta-n keyboard
> shortcut to mean "Find the Netscape process and put keyboard
> focus in that application".

There is a tool called wmctrl ( which 
should you allow to do so:
$> wmctrl -a "Netscape"

The tool matches against window titles not window classes!

To make a metacity shortcut you have to use gconf-editor, search under
Apps/metacity (Don't have Gnome here can't look up).

Good Luck,


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