How to get error console printouts to file with gdm?


I'm using Fedore Core 2 and was wondering why I don't have
.xsession-errors file around in my home dir. It seems so that it is not
created because "GDM redirect output itself in a smarter fashion". It
took some time to find that gdm put session logs to /var/log/gdm/
directory but only those first X-server related rows can be found from
there. But no error messages that programs normally print to console. Is
there some way to get these printouts that was earlier found from
.xsession-errors file with gdm configuration?

I think that this is important in testing of Gnome in general because
with that file that has all those console printouts you can easily find
all kind of bugs and faults from Gnome (atleast if you are checking it
with tail -f command). 

My gdm version is gdm- I'm running linux in runlevel 5 (in
graphical mode).

Sami Pesonen
o Sami Teemu Pesonen - mailto:sampeson iki fi
o - My homepage
o - Gnome Finnish Translation Team
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