Logging off problems

Hi all

I've recently installed Fedora Core 2 on a P4 system with
an Intel D865GBF motherboard and am running it as a LTSP
(Linux terminal server project) server for a student
computer lab (with the Gnome GUI).  In order to customize
gnome so as to remove menu items that students shouldn't
play around with I edited various menu files and removed
various *.desktop files.  Files that I edited were
applications.menu, preferences.menu,
panel-default-setup.entries amongst others.  

For some reason now, whether logging off from the server or
from a client terminal, most of the time Gnome hangs for a
few minutes before logging off.  A log off can be forced
with a Ctrl Alt Backspace, but this is hardly ideal for our
computer lab.  The log files don't shed much light on the
problem and I have failed to find much help on the web thus
far.  The only thing I can think of is that either editing
the menus has caused a problem, or that the intel's onboard
graphics / sound is causing a problem - I had to go with
Fedora Core 2 in place of 1 because I kept getting sound
errors on version 1.

Could anyone help with this?


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