Re: changing the contents under applications:///

> I am running RHL 8.0 with Gnome 2.2 (?).  Last time, some members from
> this list suggested that launchers or folders in the menu can be
> accessed and changed by going to applications:///   Then I successfully
> accessed the menu items under applications:/// by Nautilus.  However, I
> was unable to add directories for the menu (when I tried, Nautilus said
> "unsopported functions".  Also, when I tried to add launchers under
> applications, the new launchers failed to appear after I finished making
> it (clicking OK) and they still do not appear after I rebooted the
> machine.
> How can I modify the contents under applications:///        ?

RH has crippled gnome by disabling editin of applications:///
There have been instructions on nautilus-list for enabling this on RH. So,
search from archives.


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