Text on toolbar buttons

I recently upgraded from RedHat 8.0 to 9.0, and noticed that
the following annoying change for the worse in the RH9.0
Gnome panel:

When opening a file for editing with Emacs, Emacs creates an
X-window on the display. The name of the X-window can be
specified by a parameter in the 'emacs' command, and I usually
choose the X-window name identical to the name of the file I am
Gnome creates a toolbar button for each X-window opened in
this way by an 'emacs' command.  The toolbar buttons are labeled
with text. In RH .0 the text on a toolbar button was the name of the
X-window, i.e. the name of the file being edited.

In RH9.0, however, the text on all  toolbar buttons is of the form
'emacs host domain' , making the buttons useless for identifying
their respective associated X-windows.

Can the Gnome panel toolbar buttons under RH9.0 be configured
to behave as they did in RH8.0 in this respect ?

Help with this would be most welcome.

Ilkka Karasalo
FOI, Sweden

ilkka karasalo foi se

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