Re: How can I restart/recover window list applet?

If you still have a blank bar at the bottom of the screen where you used to have a list of windows, go ahead and right click on it. Choose Add to Panel->Utility->Window List. If you don't have  the bar at the bottom you'll need to recreate it. Simply right-click on any existing panels and choose 'New Panel', drag it to the bottom of the screen. You might want to right-click on it and choose 'Properties' to modify its size. Then add the Window List as described above.


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Subject: How can I restart/recover window list applet?

am using gnome with Redhat 9. Starting yesterday I noticed that when
I minimize a window it totally disappears. I read through the help documents
and gathered that the problem is the window list applet. I think the applet
may have been removed, or is no longer running. How can I recover the
applet's functionality?

Thanks in advance for your help. I posted this question on Red hat user list
as well but no one seems to be going there. I am sorry for the double post
and it will not happen again.

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