bug day aka 'long time no see'

I've been pretty out of the loop, and will be again soon, but in the
meantime, let's get together and do some bugzilla cleaning :) Tomorrow
will be the first bug day in some time, hope to see a lot of old hands
there. New faces, too- if you're new to gnome, and want to help out, bug
hunting in bug day is a great way to get your feet wet and help out.

The general goals for tomorrow will be identification and cleanup of
fixed 2.0 bugs, perhaps get some more 1.4 bugs closed out, and general
cleanup (as always.)

More information about bug day can be found at our FAQ:


including details about location (#bugs in irc.gnome.org) and hours
(9am-9pmEST, GMT is... um, in the FAQ. :) 

See you there-

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