gnome-terminal crashing

I don't have enough information for a bug report since I can only
reproduce this sporadically, but here is how I can duplicate the "bug"
on occassion:

1) open mutliple tabs in gnome-terminal
2) ssh from my workstation to an intermediate host that has a shell that
is configured to dynamically set the titlebar (the shell I'm using is
3) on the intermediate host run a command similar to:
	prompt> foreach MACHINE in `cat hostlist`; do
	>> ssh $MACHINE /usr/sbin/ntpdate ntphost
	>> done

4) Watch as the tab height almost triples then decreases to normal and
gnome-terminal crashes.

This doesn't happen consistently, but often enough to be annoying.

Has anyone else experienced this?

If it happens again, I'll try to capture debugging output and open a bug


Joshua Legbandt <jtlegbandt earthlink net>

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