Re: gnome-terminal and --tab-with-profile

On Tue, Jul 15, 2003 at 11:40:47PM +0200, Johannes Hoelzl wrote:
> If I run
> # gnome-terminal --tab-with-profile=Default
> it opens a new window, not a new tab. If have a profile named Default.

This is bug 83203 "Command-line option to make factory open a tab in
last-used existing window", see

Quoting Havoc Pennington:
| It does do something useful, it creates a new tab in the window being
| opened. gnome-terminal --tab-with-profile=Default --tab-with-profile=Foo
| gives you a window with two tabs with profiles Default and Foo.
| It can't create a new tab in an existing window, which of the 20
| terminals most of us have open would it create the tab in? "add tab to
| random open window"? ;-)


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