Re: ppp

Its been a while but I think you may need some knowledge of
PAP / CHAP authentication to get gnome-ppp working.
I Could be wrong though.

kppp works well and you don't need a degree in "ata commands". I think
it even had docs on how to connect w/ non root accounts.

Could be wrong though.

On Wed, 2003-01-22 at 09:26, Gareth Foster arm com wrote:
> hi,
> im having some trouble with gnome-ppp. it crashes in the late stages
> of the dial up proccess saying "pppd died unexpectadley". does anyone
> know why this would be the case?
> my ISP is and my modem is an external serial modem. it
> connects fine using the mandrake control center, but you need to be
> root to use that.
> thanks in advance for any help.
> GAz
Michael Vanderford <michaelv cox-internet com>

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