Re: Nautilus didn't respond

In general,

it's an access to a peripheral which does not answer any more.

Mandrake 9.0 uses supermount to mount and umount removable media
(floppy, CDROM, etc).Moreover nautilus uses FAM to detect the changes of
files in a path.  

Generally FAM+supermount = nautilus no respond ;)

I advise you to desactivate supermount:

su - 
supermount -i disable

After mount floppy, cdrom, dvd , etc... with right click in desktop

Le mer 15/01/2003 à 00:16, zeus a écrit :
> I draw my desktop using Nautilus.
> Sometime (quite often) the icons on desktop disapear. And nautilus starting 
> not repsond to any key. I must rebbot my system to solve the problems.
> iam using Mandrake 9.0, Gnome 2.0. Is this mandrake fault or Nautilus?
> No eror, just not responds.
> Oh yeah i cannot log out either, i must use ctrl+alt+backspace to quit from 
> gnome, and that reboot.
> anyone have the same problem?

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