happy new bug year (watch the bug count ball drop at bug day)

Tomorrow (Thursday) is bug day in irc.gnome.org #bugs again. It's 2003,
it's a new year, and yet, we still have old bugs. Such is our fate in
life. On the plus side, you can help us dig back in time to late 2002
and clean things up :)

More seriously, bug day is a great way for new people to get involved in
gnome, at any skill level. If you don't know anything about coding, bug
day is a way to help out the programmers who are doing lots of great
GNOME work for you. If you do know something about programming, bug day
is a great way to take your first steps into GNOME and figure out how to
expand your involvement going forward.

There are more details (including times) here:


Hope to see you all there-

Luis (on behalf of the bugsquad)

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