Re: gnome-session problem

On Wed, Dec 25, 2002 at 08:39:24PM +0100, Tat wrote:
> Im using GNOME v.2.0 with Debian (upgraded from GNOME 1.4). My
> problem is the following: when i start the X (e.g. the
> gnome-session), the gnome2 desktop (with the desktop icons, etc.)
> appears in a window of the used window manager (Window Maker 0.8 and
> IceWM-GNOME 1.2.2) instead as the destop of the whole X environment
> (see attached image).  Howewer, of course, i want it to be the
> desktop instead of a window. How can i solve this problem
> (e.g. putting the WM and GNOME2 working together)? (I tried to
> balance the launching priorities of the apps in the
> 'session-properties' but it don't seems to work.)  Thank you for all
> useable ideas,

You have to use a window manager that supports the Extended Window
Manager Hints (


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